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LinkedIn Learning is a premier continuing education resource respected by employers worldwide. There are over 14,000 courses in subjects ranging from Adobe Photoshop to UX Design. Brush up or dive deep into Microsoft Excel, AutoCAD, InDesign, and more. Learn Ruby on Rails, C++, WordPress, and even how to build apps for Android and iOS. It’s not just technical skills either! There are courses on public speaking, time management, managing people, leadership, online marketing,

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Follow the link, click “Get Started,” then enter your 14-digit library card number and 4-digit PIN to access.

Click Here for a video guide on how to use LinkedIn Learning.

Use the search bar at the top of the page or the tabs on the left to find courses on the subject matters you would like to learn. 

Once a course is chosen, you can work through the outline (shown on the left of the page) and LinkedIn Learning will walk you through how to complete each step. Often, this is by watching videos and taking a quiz on what you learned.